The book of tomorrow?

The book of tomorrow? June 6, 2011

A priest bounded into my cubicle this morning with his iPad.  “You have to see this,” he said breathlessly.  He’d downloaded this app, and was almost giddy with excitement.  Could we do something like this with the magazine?, he wondered.  As he flipped through the pages and fingered the pictures and expanded and compressed graphs, the reality — and tantalizing possibility — of what I was watching became clear.  It’s awesome.

Something like this may be in our future — and in everyone’s future.  It’s an amazing app, and a brilliant way of re-thinking how we read books.

Take a look at the trailer for Al Gore’s “Our Choice” below. And you can read more at the publisher’s website.

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3 responses to “The book of tomorrow?”

  1. The electronic tablet will probably dominate reading in the future. Until this civilization endures. But I doubt it can have the durability and resilience of the book. Even if books perish to time, fire or water, they have endured since time immemorial. The electronic media is dependent on modern technology that in a collapse may come crashing down. Loss of power means loss of battery charge and the uselessness of the device. A pulse e-bomb can render all of our modern devices out; a civilization collapse would render all of these tablets useless for the future.

    A tablet may contain thousands of “books” but its only as good as the battery charge the the availability to recharge it. You can always open a book, even by the light of a fire.

  2. Please do a bit more research of the overall “reach” and long term goals of the Green Party please. I do believe we have a stewardship of reponsibility to maintain the planet on which we live, but not through a political agenda that will dictate the who what where when why and how my life is suppose to do it.

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