Christmas card of the year

Christmas card of the year December 10, 2011

The mayor of San Juan, Jorge Santini, is sending the card pictured above to some of his friends. (Mine must have gotten lost in the mail…but it’s popped up in the interwebs).

This story in a San Juan paper explains (via Google translator):

According to El Nuevo Dia, the image is one of five that were taken at the Wildlife Museum of the municipality to distribute them as Christmas cards. There is another in which the [the] Santini-Garriga [family] appears next to a penguin and elephant….

“May this Christmas light your dream,” say the Christmas cards that have been released through social networks.

Peace on earth, goodwill to gazelles …

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12 responses to “Christmas card of the year”

  1. I for one was never a big fan of photo christmas cards, here is a very good reason. OH, I forgot this is not a Christmas Card it is an homogenized holiday card certainly nothing to do with Christmas.

    “Keep Christ in Christmas”

  2. Actually, what may be considered weird nowadays is that the card, from a public official, reads “Christmas” and not “Holidays”

  3. I thought “Navidad” meant something like “Nativity” and is therefore specifically about Christ. But I haven’t taken any Spanish since High School.

  4. It’s different—–what book in the Bible mentions “and the leopard killed the gazelle—–?” Don’t think it was the Christmas story. :o)

  5. LOL

    This is a good candidate for one of those “FAIL” sites.

    But, again, looking on the bright side, the card is from a public official and it does mention Christmas.

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