Hollywood planning film about Pontius Pilate

Hollywood planning film about Pontius Pilate August 22, 2012

A trend in biblical epics continues: 

Deadline reports that Warner Brothers has purchased a script called Pontias Pilate  from Woman on Top writer Vera Blasi, a new take on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as told through the eyes of the man who ordered it to happen. The film will follow Pilate’s journey as a soldier who gains power under the Roman Emperor Tiberius, but screws up along the way and finds himself desperate for public approval when the time comes to make the choice as to the fate of Jesus of Nazareth…

…No director is attached to Pontius Pilate yet, but Darren AronofskyRidley Scott, Steven SpielbergPaul Verhoeven, and even Woman in Black helmer James Watkins all have Bible-based films in various stages of development, and this one could drum up enough publicity from religious groups to cause a bit of controversy and attract more attention to it, which of course would please the studio.

It remains to be seen whether or not the films in this trend will actually continue all the way to the big screen or remain languishing in development hell, but we know for sure that we’ll at least be getting Darren Aronofsky’s take on Noah coming to theaters in 2014.

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