Our Sunday Visitor plans Philadelphia edition

Our Sunday Visitor plans Philadelphia edition September 13, 2012

The press release:

Our Sunday Visitor and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia have partnered to replace the Archdiocese’s former newspaper, Catholic Standard and Times, with a special Philadelphia edition of Our Sunday Visitor’s OSV Newsweekly. OSV Newsweekly is the largest national Catholic weekly in the country.

Former Catholic Standard and Times subscribers will now receive Archbishop Chaput’s column addressing issues of interest to the Archdiocese, as well as local articles and news briefs every week in the Philadelphia edition of OSV Newsweekly. “Catechesis continues to be a priority in the Archdiocese,” stated Archbishop Chaput, “which is why we partnered with Our Sunday Visitor to ensure an uninterrupted source of weekly Catholic content and perspective in the most cost-effective way possible. We are grateful for their willingness to partner with us during this challenging time.”

“Our Sunday Visitor has a long history of partnering with dioceses,” said Greg Erlandson, president and publisher of Our Sunday Visitor. “We are honored to assist Archbishop Chaput, and the Church as a whole by continuing to provide Philadelphians with the Catholic news they have come to depend on through the Catholic Standard and Times.”

Our Sunday Visitor will begin distributing Catholic Standard and Times with the September 16th issue and will also provide fulfillment, customer service, and marketing support for the newspaper. In addition to their uninterrupted subscription service, Catholic Standard and Times readers can also enjoy free access to CatholicPhilly.com, as well as free online access to OSV Newsweekly content via www.osv.com.

Our Sunday Visitor publishes several periodicals in addition to OSV Newsweekly, including The Catholic Answer apologetics magazine, The Priest for priests and deacons, My Daily Visitor devotional magazine, Grace in Action adult faith formation bulletin insert, and Take Out: Family Faith on the Go mini-magazine. Our Sunday Visitor also has more than 1,700 Catholic book, pamphlet and textbook titles in print and e-book formats.

Established in 1912 by an Indiana parish priest and future archbishop, John Francis Noll, Our Sunday Visitor has grown into the world’s largest English-language Catholic publisher and the nation’s largest supplier of offering envelopes, online giving, web sites, parish and diocesan mailings, books, periodicals, curriculum, address management and stewardship services. Our Sunday Visitor is a not-for-profit organization, returning a portion of net earnings back to the Catholic community through the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

“What we are about these days is the same as what Archbishop Noll was about,” stated Erlandson. “We are about responding to people’s needs. We are about helping them to bring their Catholic faith to life. We are about helping them to see what is real and important in this life, and how it will connect them to the next.”

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