It’s never too late

It’s never too late March 24, 2013

Above, a 95-year-old brand new Christian.

The story: last week, I got this e-mail from my goddaughter Branda, who joined the church through RCIA a few years ago. She now lives in Arizona:

Ok, clearly hell must have frozen over…my Father wants to be baptized!! Hey, at 95, no sense in jumping into anything crazy or too fast!!

And my Mother, as well. So there ya go! She is always asking me about the Church, it’s history, etc. And I always cite biblical references, where possible. I can see she realizes she may have been wrong about Catholics… Ha!

Actually, my Dad’s Life Care Center roommate was a retired Lutheran minister. So that gentleman has gently worked with my Dad over the past year. (So don’t try to tell me the Lord doesn’t work in mysterious ways!!) He is also best buds with the parish priest where I go. As a result, Fr. Greg was always stopping in to see my Dad…

Well, one thing led to another and this weekend, the Lutheran minister and Branda’s parish priest stopped by her parents’ house and welcomed them both, formally, into the Christian faith.  The minister poured the water and performed the baptism.

Behold, I make all things new! 

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