Group launches boycott of Radio Shack over “censorship” of the word “Christmas”

Group launches boycott of Radio Shack over “censorship” of the word “Christmas” November 29, 2013



AFA is calling for a limited one-month boycott of Radio Shack over the company’s censorship of the word “Christmas.”

For years, Radio Shack has refused to use the word Christmas on its website, in television commercials, newspaper ads and in-store promotions, despite tens of thousands of consumer requests to recognize Christmas and in spite of repeated requests from AFA to do the same.

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Want proof? Go to and type “Christmas” in the search bar. As of today, the website brings up zero results.

At Radio Shack, you’ll find “holiday” deals, “holiday” kickoff, “holiday” cash and a “holiday” gift guide, but you won’t find “Christmas” anywhere.

Radio Shack is censoring the word Christmas, pure and simple. Yet the company wants all the people who celebrate Christmas to do their shopping at its stores.

I think this response makes much more sense:

Is this really how Christians want to make their voices heard? Do we really want to be known for demanding that others explicitly recognize and promote our religious holidays?

Would Jesus boycott a store that didn’t celebrate his birthday?

I don’t think so. I think he would have gone out of his way to shop at such a store, to engage with the people there, to show them the warmth, compassion, and love for which he gave his life. I think the petty economic activism advocated by the AFA is the antithesis of how Christians are supposed to interact with the world.

I don’t regularly shop at Radio Shack. But the AFA’s latest “campaign” sure makes me want to.

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