Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil rehearsal

Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil rehearsal April 19, 2014

My Holy Saturday always begins with coffee and bagels with the RCIA folks in the rectory basement, followed by a two-hour rehearsal in the church of the Vigil, led by Deacon Bill McNamara (my ordination classmate and my parish’s DRE) and Father Frank Passenant, our administrator.  Also on hand is David James the head of our amazing altar server society.   They have their own rehearsal before and after the regular Vigil practice.

Our pastor Bishop Paul Sanchez dropped by, too: seen below with the two deacons and obviously thinking, “Help. I’m trapped with deacons. Get me out of here…”

They moved the flowers out of the rectory and the church smelled beautiful.

Now, back to practicing the Exsultet…

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