UK bishop shuts down deacon’s blog

UK bishop shuts down deacon’s blog April 29, 2014

You may remember the controversy surrounding the blog “Protect the Pope, managed by Deacon Nick Donnelly in Lancaster, England.

His wife posted the following item today:

It is with sorrow that I am writing to let you know that Bishop Campbell, the Bishop of Lancaster, has refused Nick’s request to resume news posting on Protect the Pope.  Bishop Campbell has also stated that he does not want anyone posting on Protect the Pope on Nick’s behalf.

Although I have been news posting on my own behalf on the site, I now feel unable to continue.

Protect the Pope will close as a news service on Sunday 4th May, the Feast of the English Martyrs to allow a short period for readers of Protect the Pope to say goodbye to each other.

Thank you (on my own behalf) for all the prayers, support and help we have received.

Please continue to pray for our Bishop.

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