Happy birthday, dear Patheos, happy birthday to yooooouuuu….

Happy birthday, dear Patheos, happy birthday to yooooouuuu…. May 5, 2014

Patheos is pretty big for a five-year-old, don’t you think?

Today marks the five-year anniversary, or birthday, or whatever you want to call it, of this remarkable little enterprise. I joined in 2010, bringing “The Deacon’s Bench” over from Beliefnet. Patheos back then was just a year old. The paint was still damp and the place had that New Web Site smell—ink and plastic and electric wiring, intermingled with the heavenly aroma of Elizabeth Scalia’s soda bread.

I’m delighted to be hanging my dalmatic in this corner of the blogosphere, and eternally grateful to Elizabeth, who wooed me here with warm pastries and the promise  “You’ll love it! Patheos is going to be THE religious website. Really!  All the coolest people are going to be here. Have another slice of soda bread. Want some butter?”

Well, she was right. I never cease to be amazed and humbled at the people who hang out here. And you really do have to try the soda bread.  (Among the many things I mention in my daily prayers of thanksgiving are Elizabeth Scalia, my patient and generous readers, and pants with elastic waistbands.)

Anyway: the image below is from my first official posting here, and I think the snapshot says it all.

Cheers, Patheos! Ad multos annos!    

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