Bible app reports the most popular verses of 2014

Bible app reports the most popular verses of 2014 December 30, 2014


From Huffington Post: 

The Bible App has been downloaded more than 162 million times, according to the app’s creator, YouVersion. And unlike the print version of the immensely popular sacred text, the digital version can be mined for data.

That traceability lets YouVersion come up with a number of interesting conclusions about how users all over the world are reading the Bible.

Interest in using the Bible App surged over the past year in several surprising places. The highest amount of growth in activity — in terms of reading, sharing, bookmarking, etc. — was found in Israel, according to YouVersion founder Bobby Gruenewald. After that came South Sudan, then the Republic of Suriname in South America, Iraq and Macedonia.

“What’s interesting to me is that several of those countries are definitely not majority Christian,” Gruenewald told HuffPost. “And in some cases, the Bible isn’t that accessible or isn’t considered to be acceptable culturally.”

Gruenewald also found it remarkable that the most popular verse of the year internationally, Romans 12:2, asked Christians not to take the popular route and instead seek a higher moral ground.

An infographic released by the company revealed the most popular verse by country.

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