City to dedicate portion of street to honor deacons

City to dedicate portion of street to honor deacons March 17, 2015


This may be unprecedented. Details from the Desert Dispatch in Barstow, California:

For as long as Don Burgett can remember, he has answered the call to serve.

Twenty-five years ago Burgett answered a special calling without hesitation.

“I heard the calling from God,” Burgett said. “And I accepted the calling.”

Burgett joined forces with Margarito Saenz and Francis Roman as deacons at St. Joseph’s Church. For almost 20 years the three of them preached and presided over funerals, weddings and baptisms and helped with the celebrating of Mass. Roman died in 2006 and Saenz died Feb. 27.

Burgett is 81 but continues with a full schedule as deacon. His continual service and the service by Roman and Saenz will be recognized by Barstow on Sunday. That is when the city will dedicate the portion of Mountain View Street at St. Joseph’s Church to the three deacons following the 11:30 a.m. Mass in front of Noonan Hall.

“I don’t go looking for it,” Burgett said about the dedication. “It’s nice, but it’s not something that I strive for. It’s very nice and I’m honored they are doing something like this. Of course with Deacons Margo and Fran, I’m deeply honored for them. They did a lot of for this parish. I’m just doing something I think God wanted me to do.”

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Photo from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church website

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