Journey to Jordan: the wrapup

Journey to Jordan: the wrapup April 21, 2015

A great young videographer named Connor Eberhart accompanied us on the trip. He was tireless and he was everywhere—photographing everything we did, every place we saw. (Did he ever sleep?  I’m not so sure…)


Here, in roughly chronological order, are some of the videos he posted on his Vimeo site, which give a great sense of the experience. Most are short, just a minute or so.

Below that, I’ve posted links to all my blog posts on the trip.

My journey: 

Waking up to the Muslim call to prayer

The most amazing Easter of my life

A word about food during our trip 

Easter with the Melkites

Happy Easter!

Go ahead and eat with your fingers—and other things to know about dining in Jordan 

Where Elijah was born and where Mary wept tears of blood 

Seeing, at last, where everything began: the site of Christ’s baptism

I’d walk a mile for a camel: seeing Petra 

Witnessing a Melkite wedding! 

Adorable pictures that will make you go “Aawwww”

Meeting the mayor of Amman

The deacon in the desert: Wadi Rum 

Deacon at work: communion service at the Italian Hospital

A refugee from ISIS tells me his story

Thank God for pants with elastic waists

Saying goodbye


Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

Thanks, too, for the many prayers for a safe trip that I know added immeasurably to the graces of this journey.

Know that you were prayed for and remembered every step of the way. Salaam!  


UPDATE: Frank Weathers has a great analysis of our trip and why a journey to the Holy Land, the “Fifth Gospel,” isn’t really complete without spending significant time in Jordan. He’s right. Find out why.

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