Bishop: ‘Biggest obstacle to the Catholic Church is itself’

Bishop: ‘Biggest obstacle to the Catholic Church is itself’ April 17, 2018

From the BBC: 

One of Scotland’s top bishops claims the Catholic Church may be its own worst enemy in spreading its beliefs.

via Galloway Diocese Facebook page

The Bishop of Galloway has released a letter suggesting: “It could be argued that the greatest obstacle to preaching the gospel today in Scotland is the Catholic Church itself.”

The clergyman’s letter came just days after a priest from his diocese was jailed for child sex abuse.

He said negative publicity was “embarrassing” to Catholics.

The pastoral letter from Bishop William Nolan said recent sexual abuse scandals involving clergy called into question the trust parishioners have in their priests.

In the letter, Bishop Nolan began: “It is now three years since I became Bishop of Galloway Diocese.

“In that time there have been two priests sent to prison.

“One for financial irregularities and now Father Paul Moore for the much more serious matter of sexual abuse, including that of a five-year-old child.”

He said the priority must be to help the victims. He said: “The damage done is often also spiritual damage destroying their faith in the Church and perhaps even their faith in God.”

He stated that he hoped that despite their trauma, the victims could find comfort in the verdict and justice being done.

The complete letter has been posted on the diocesan Facebook page. 

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