Lino Rulli writes: ‘My heart is in the right place, even when the comedy isn’t’

Lino Rulli writes: ‘My heart is in the right place, even when the comedy isn’t’ May 23, 2018

After the recent post about his show caused a stir—and some acrimony on social media—Lino Rulli sent me a text on Facebook. He wanted to express his concern about how the segment with the deacon candidate was received. “I feel bad it pained a lot of people,” he wrote. Lino said he wanted to offer “a sincere apology to those who are upset,” adding that Father Jim had been getting a lot of heat for the segment, and was taking it hard.

I told Lino I’d be happy to post a statement, so he could say his piece. This is what he sent me:

My heart is in the right place even when the comedy isn’t. We don’t have scripts, and if the jokes weren’t funny, or went too far, that’s a personal opinion that I respect. And I apologize if people were offended. But tons – and I mean tons – of people have come back to the faith, come back to the sacraments, and become Catholic because of the show. Thats why I stay on the air: because we fill a niche that isn’t filled anywhere else. I’m proud of that. Even if I’m not proud of every segment that I try to do!

Thank you, Lino.

I appreciate his outreach and desire to mend fences. I’ve known Lino for a while, and believe he meant no ill will. It isn’t easy producing two hours of radio every day, five days a week, year after year after year. Stuff happens. Especially in live broadcasts. Believe me, I know.

Far as I’m concerned, the matter is settled.  Time to move on.

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