Thousands in Nicaragua march to support Catholic Church

Thousands in Nicaragua march to support Catholic Church July 29, 2018


Thousands of anti-government protesters in Nicaragua have taken part in a march to show support for the Roman Catholic Church.

The government accuses Catholic bishops of siding with the opposition and encouraging protests.

Followers of other religious denominations and non-believers joined the march in the capital, Managua.

More than 300 people have died since protests against President Daniel Ortega began in April.

“Justice!” and “Freedom!” were some of the slogans shouted by demonstrators.

“Our temples will always be open to those who need them,” said Monsignor Carlos Avilés.

“The Church will continue to support dialogue, even if it is criticised for that,” he added.

Nicaragua’s Roman Catholic Church has been acting as a mediator in talks between the opposition and the government.

It has called for an end to violence on both sides, but has been critical of the way the authorities handled the unrest.

Some of the bishops have accused the authorities of human rights violations.

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