Ordination update: 17 new deacons for Des Moines

Ordination update: 17 new deacons for Des Moines September 12, 2018

It happened in August, and the bishop, Richard Pates, wrote about them in his blog: 

August 4th was a banner day for the Diocese of Des Moines.  Seventeen men were ordained to the permanent diaconate.

Ours was one of the first dioceses to restore the reinstituted diaconate nearly five decades ago.  As a result, the corps of deacons has grown to 90, 59 of whom are active.  The remainder have retired.

Similar to many pursuits in life, deacons first receive an inkling of such a vocation by attraction to the activity of deacons they observe.  The deacon assists at the altar.  He preaches and presides at baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Possible candidates also sense in these times, when priests are stretched in so many directions, that they might be of valuable assistance to the priests.

As the diaconal candidates grow in their formation, there evolves a deeper sense of purpose.  They are blessed with insight to see themselves morphing into the very person of Jesus.  They take on his being, they identify themselves with the Christ, the icon of service.  Diaconate was instituted in the early Church when the Apostles pinpointed the need among their members for assistants who would serve at the table.  Eventually, the Apostles prayed over and laid hands on seven men of good character and reputation.  Thus, began the Order of Deacons.

The deacons are not “little” priests.  They are an order unto themselves and comprise an identity which provides meaning and engagement in mission for the Church.

Read it all. 

Congratulations, brothers, and welcome! Ad multos annos!

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