Prayers for Madison’s Bishop Morlino — UPDATED

Prayers for Madison’s Bishop Morlino — UPDATED November 23, 2018

From a statement sent out this morning:

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bishop Robert Morlino was undergoing planned medical tests and had a cardiac event.

Thankfully, he was in precisely the right place for such an event to occur and the healthcare professionals reacted expertly. At present, Bishop Morlino is resting and the doctors continue in their diagnostic and prognostic work. Per the Bishop’s preference, the decision was made not to trouble people for Thanksgiving Day, but at this time it is appropriate to notify the faithful and all people of good will, and to request your prayers.

The Bishop is also very grateful to his healthcare professionals for their dedicated service.

Thank you for your attention to this email. Let us all pray for the bishop.

There are no other details about what, exactly, happened, or how serious his condition might be.

Prayers for the bishop and all who love him.

UPDATE SATURDAY NIGHT: Urgent prayers are being requested, and there are indications he has taken a turn for the worse. Read more here. 

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