Look Who Went to Church Today: Donald Trump

Look Who Went to Church Today: Donald Trump March 17, 2019

You can watch video of the arrival and departure above.

From the AP: 

President Donald Trump spent St. Patrick’s Day morning worshipping at the “Church of the Presidents” near the White House in between tweeting about everything from “Saturday Night Live” parodies of him to the late Sen. John McCain to the recent closure of a General Motors factory in Ohio.

Trump and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, joined parishioners for Sunday’s 11 a.m. service at St. John’s Church, a historic yellow church across from the White House and Lafayette Park. Every president since James Madison, who served in the 1800s, has attended a service at St. John’s, according to the church.

Read on. The AP notes it’s the first time the president has publicly attended services since December.


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