An Idea Worth Embracing: ‘The Patrick Option’

An Idea Worth Embracing: ‘The Patrick Option’ March 18, 2019

A big h/t to Fr. Michael Rennier at Aleteia who offered this alternative to “The Benedict Option” yesterday, in honor of St. Patrick:

The Benedict Option might mean different things to different people, but the reason it’s so important is that it inspires families who want to maintain a specific set of values to not give up.

There are other “options” we can build into our lives. For instance, Dr. Carrie Gress wrote about the Marian Option, which rests on the idea that civilization is renewed and society thrives best when the Blessed Mother is venerated and imitated.

But since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it might be interesting to propose a Patrick Option. By that, I don’t mean that wearing green, clubbing snakes, and over-indulging in Guinness will save the world. The life of Patrick is far more inspiring than your local St. Paddy’s Parade would lead you to believe.

Check out his guidelines, which include “remaining faithful to … identity and beliefs” while still being a part of a foreign culture and “never writing anyone off.”

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