Steve Bannon: ‘If your phone’s ever been in a Catholic church, they got this data…’

Steve Bannon: ‘If your phone’s ever been in a Catholic church, they got this data…’ July 21, 2019

This seems to have slipped under the radar: a report from Friday with some interesting details about how Steve Bannon and others used Catholic data to get out the vote last year:

In 2018, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon used location data from smartphones to target church-goers with get-out-the vote advertisements, according to a new report fromThinkProgress Friday.

“We’re sending a message from CatholicVote, not to go vote for a specific guy,” Bannon said. “But for all Catholics to go out and do their duty and they’re going to put out a thing to support President Trump.”

The concession came from a now-deleted scene from The Brink, a documentary by Alison Klayman focusing on Bannon’s efforts to mobilize the far-right throughout the 2018 midterm elections. In an interview with Klayman, Bannon says that he worked with the conservative group CatholicVote to use location data obtained from carriers to target ads to people who had recently been to Roman Catholic churches in Dubuque, Iowa.

“If your phone’s ever been in a Catholic church, it’s amazing, they got this data,” Bannon reportedly said. “Literally, they can tell who’s been in a Catholic church and how frequently,” Bannon added. “And they got it triaged.”

When asked how he received the data, Bannon told Klayman, “the phone companies.” He continued, “and the data guys sell it.”

Read more. Observation: Does anyone seriously think this sort of thing is only being done by one political party?  This is undoubtedly widespread and pervasive. And it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Watch the video excerpt from the documentary below.

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