Track your journey to the Visitation this May

Track your journey to the Visitation this May April 27, 2015

Book-Cover-Artwork-from-AMPMay Walking With Mary


Click on the link to access the chart. Journey to Elizabeth’s home with the Blessed Mother–and share Christ!

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  • Sheila Davis

    I will try my best to accomplish this.

  • Denise

    2.5 Miles!!! Full Rosary, about an hour and a half pushing the little in the stroller for nap time!

  • Lilia Rodriguez

    I’m in. The leader of our women’s spiritual prayer group challenged us to find the ‘courage’ to walk with Mary this month. I started today with a 3.5 mile walk. Note to self – walking while reciting the rosary is great, but once Pandora’s salsa/cumbia music comes on, the walk goes a little faster and can turn into a prance – just saying. 🙂