Self-Healing is a Primary Responsibility of the Witch  

Self-Healing is a Primary Responsibility of the Witch   May 14, 2019

Self-Knowledge First, then Self-Healing

We’ve talked about Self-Knowledge and how it is the primary power of the Witch. But what’s next? Self-Healing is a primary responsibility of the Witch.

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It is a core value in Shapeshifter Witchery (and Feri trad in general) that we do not coddle weakness, nor do we condemn weakness, in ourselves and in others. When we find something in us that is problematic, first we approach with compassion (as much as we can muster!) But we do not ignore it and hope it goes away. We might fight like hell to resolve the issues, or we may find ourselves at some point choosing to simply hold awareness and allow healing to proceed as it may. The important part is to not pretend it’s not there.

As creatures of magick and weavers of worlds, it is crucial that we know and understand the places that may trip us up and cause us to make grievous mistakes in the wielding of our very-real power.

What I’m talking about is a poorly healed break in your arm or your heart. An old injury to your noggin or your sense of fairness. A wound to your understanding or your ability to trust.

Similar wounds, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Doctors, acupuncturists, counselors, priests, spirit guides, angels; all of these allies that help you heal the very different parts of yourself should not be discounted, however ‘mundane’ their contributions might be, but self-healing means that you are driving the process.

(Slight aside: ‘mundane’ literally means ‘of the earth’. Personally, I *want* to be of the Earth! I strive to remain conscious of the interaction of my physical form with the rest of physicality. Otherwise, why this mysterious, intricate form? Anyway…)

Allowing Self-Healing to Take Place

Sometimes, this process looks like seeing issues, accepting them, and then allowing them to heal. If you cut your finger, and you don’t somehow prevent your body from doing so, it will start sending all the little bits that are needed to the wound. Self-healing at its finest! Your blood will flow to clean the wound, then it will clot to protect it, your skin cells will begin to build up to close the hole. Your body mostly knows what to do (not always, but in most cases for most people). Consider yourself as a cell in the body of God (or an organism in the system of Gaia) and let yourself expect and accept healing from the Universe.

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Remember this: broken people can do good in this world. Of course, they can! There is no purity test for feeding the hungry or fighting injustice. We know for a fact that some of our ‘heroes’ have had serious personal problems.

Ok! So, the goal is not perfection when we talk about self-healing. The goal is to get better at your life. Maybe there are parts that you will never resolve, some wounds that will always act up when the weather’s just-so. Sometimes ‘healing’ looks like recognizing a place that is broken in you and choosing to not step out on that foot or try to carry the heavy thing with that arm, particularly when a storm is brewing.

Friends, being a person of power doesn’t have to mean standing in front of the advancing army or shouting in the face of the police. It can mean knitting hats for babies, or meditating to seek inner clarity, or growing food. It can mean recognizing when it is time to simply be a living human creature on this planet, seeking warmth and delicious food and good company.

You are not here only to find issues and try to fix them, but still it is part of your task. Taking responsibility and following the path of Self-Knowledge and Self-Healing will lead you to Self-Possession, the greatest gift you can offer the worlds.

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