Self-Possession is One of the Greatest Gifts of the Witch

Self-Possession is One of the Greatest Gifts of the Witch May 24, 2019

We’ve talked before about Self-Knowledge as the primary power of the Witch. We’ve talked about Self-Healing as a primary responsibility of the Witch. These are not simple or easy tasks. So what is the grace that lies within the challenge? Self-Possession is the primary gift of the Witch and one of the greatest.

self-possession = gift

It’s said that Victor Anderson reminded folks to keep focused on Self-Possession thusly: “’Thou shalt have no other gods before me’ means YOU”.  This doesn’t mean that we act as Jehovah did, in jealousy and possessiveness! It simply means that our first devotional practice is with our own Divinity, seeking our own divine will and having the courage to carry it out.

Self-Possession means filling yourself with Your Self, that eternal part of you that has a greater perspective. That part of you that is part of God that is part of you, that sees and remembers who you were before you came into this fragile gorgeous body. The part that is connected to all things. The alignment of the Starry Crown of your Divinity with your Animal Soul and your Elegant Mind gives you incredible power (and of course, incredible responsibility, thank you Uncle Ben).

Manifestations of Self-Possession

One manifestation of Self-Possession is having no f*cks to give about other’s judgments. That’s one of the best ones, really.self-possession = focus




Another manifestation is the ability to hear and understand the impulses you feel from your Godself and to have the courage to follow them.  This is what’s been called the “Golden Thread”, that bit of Path that appears and disappears, only to reappear again somewhere you never thought to find it.  Today I am a writer and a teacher, but I have been a chimney sweep, interior designer, massage therapist, insurance salesperson.  I have had many teachers, many careers, many expressions of creativity. Every time that Golden Thread appeared, I had to follow it.  I lost and found homes and jobs and loves, even at times, myself.  Now here I am!  And here you are.  Maybe reading this blog is part of your Golden Thread.

Changing the World by Changing Your Self

We are talking about Witchcraft, the Craft of the Witch, the Bender and Shaper of reality, yes, but mostly of your own sweet self.   You can be inspired by your work in the world, to change what is within you and vice versa.  You are in a reciprocal relationship with all things. It is good to make this a right relationship with the world around you, all consciousness, seen and unseen.   This brings new ways of being in the world, showing respect for spirits and food, machines and music. Without an awareness of your own holiness, it’s easy to be pulled off center in your interactions with others.self-possession = courage

Shapeshifter recognizes that all things are fluid:  genders, viewpoints, powers and possibilities.  In this practice, you work on yourself as a single entity for a long time before you approach other entities, and in this work, you may come to realize your singular perfection.  You may choose to move out from yourself; you may revel in sharing your personal ecstasy with another, but it is not required.  Just as God Hirself is complete, you are complete unto Your Self. 




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