Derrida, Deconstruction & Salvation

Derrida, Deconstruction & Salvation March 7, 2017

"Der Maler Furst" by Paul Salvator Goldengruen. Source: Wikimedia Commons
“Der Maler Furst” by Paul Salvator Goldengruen. Source: Wikimedia Commons

‘Postmodern’ is a dirty word for Christians. In many parts of Christendom, it is associated with relativism, individualism and the jettisoning of tradition for the sake of the new or kitsch (sometimes justifiably so, from personal experiences).

Not everyone sees the postmodern in this light. In a highly persuasive book entitled Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?, the Pentecostal philosopher James K A Smith suggested that postmodernism – insofar as it is properly understood as being past-modern – can actually be a counterpoint for a number of deeply modern commitments of the cultures in which we live, commitments that have led to social fragmentation, an over-confidence in human ability, and even out-and-out conflict across the world and in our homes. Furthermore,…

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