We Are Worlds Apart

We Are Worlds Apart November 17, 2017

We are worlds apart, my fellow human being, though we share the same nationality.

We are worlds apart, my fellow American, though we live in the same part of the country.

We are worlds apart, my coworker, though we work for the same company doing basically the same things.

We are worlds apart, my neighbor, though we walk the same sidewalks, and our kids play on the same sports teams.

We seem to be worlds apart, my fellow believer, though we meet regularly at the same church.

We seem worlds apart, my brother, though we imitate each other’s mannerisms and dress and style.

We seem worlds apart, my sister, though we talk and share and share and talk.

We seem worlds apart,

maybe because we come from different families, have different childhood experiences, grew up gaining different perspectives, adhere to different belief systems, interpret the world in different ways, pray or refuse to pray to a different God, love different people, associate with different people groups, embrace different causes, use different terminology, read different news articles, base from different premises, make different assumptions, access different generalizations, or desire different goals?


Oh when oh when, my friend, will our worlds merge? And how will this happen? Please tell, do you desire to reach me, to understand me, to care for me? Oh do share, do you feel the same way? Do you think about these things? In your silence and reticence, are you being defensive or do you fear being offensive? Or is it just plain apathy, hatred, and jealousy like they say about you?

Oh how oh how, my sister, will our worlds overlap? Will you need me to change in order to put down your defenses? Are you waiting for me to be trustworthy first before you trust? And how many moves is enough? And can I trust you if I were to lay down my arms first? How much more must I reveal for you to move closer toward me?

Or shall we continue to live side by side, taking step by step, as if we are in the same world, but really not.

We are worlds apart, my love, but still sitting next to each other, breathing the same air.

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