Eleven scores and two years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation. As President Abraham Lincoln reminded us in the famous Gettysburg Address, America “was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” It is the continual pursuit of this ideal that continues to make America great. Today, despite numerous amazing cultures from diverse people groups, our constitutional republic remains standing as a beacon of light, a shining city upon… Read more

Have you heard that mental health is related to spiritual health? That depression is  afflicted mental health and suicide is intricately associated with depression? Suicidal ideation is when a person thinks about committing suicide. This does not necessarily mean that they want to die. Most just want relief from the emotional and/or psychological pain. Helping professionals usually assess if the suicidal client has a plan on how to carry out their ideation. Therapists also ask about any previous history of… Read more

**Guest blog by a fellow author, Patti Greene. Please see her website here for more of her work.** Spiritual maturity and spiritual growth manifest in a Christ-follower’s heart from the moment a person accepts God’s gift of salvation through faith in Christ until they meet Jesus face to face. Are you becoming more spiritually mature? Does delight break out within your soul when witnessing to a maturing Christian? Does sadness surface when spotting a stagnant Christ-follower choosing the wrong path?… Read more

The American flag and national anthem have been in the news a lot in the last few years. However, this controversy is not new. On the one hand, we have some Black American football players who kneel during NFL games, with their supporters close by (white and People of Color), to protest some things they see as inequality, racism, and oppression happening in the country. On the other hand, we have many Caucasian Americans (along with some POC allies) protesting… Read more

Christians often struggle in relationships for the right and godly thing to do. Sometimes, we fall into the worldly narrative that we need to cut off “toxic people” from our lives. Yet, is this the biblical approach when the toxic individual is a family member? Is there someone in your life whom you consider to be “toxic”?  If you do not love this difficult individual, or don’t have to deal with him or her being in your immediate circle, then… Read more

Thou, Oh Lord, are a shield about me. You’re my glory, and the lifter of my head (Psalm 3:3). Parenting, especially mothering, is full of challenges. Moms of future grown-ups–do you ever go through life wondering if you are good enough? If you are cut out for the long haul that mothering entails? If you would amount to anything worthy of mention? Do you find yourself hiding your sins and shame? Do you secretly compete with the beautiful, got it… Read more

**This blog was originally titled Social Justice Warrior Language: Translated for White People, but was scratched and replaced to be more reader friendly.**   Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have been speaking up more and more. Or maybe it’s just me becoming more woke (socially and politically aware) through increased interest in the subject and avid reading.  This blog will focus on racial justice/reconciliation. I’m Asian American (classified as AAPI, or Asian American Pacific Islander). Therefore, I’m a Person of Color (POC), which… Read more

There is no doubt that internet and smartphone technology have many benefits for society. A certain population of Americans are not mobile and enjoy getting involved, informed, and connected online. However, people are unplugging from or reducing online interactions for good reasons. If you are a small business owner or organization leader, you might not understand why folks are dis-engaging from online interactions. They are posting and sharing less. Some have deleted intrusive apps or deactivated their Facebook accounts. From… Read more

The last few days, I’ve been reading and hearing about two young, black men getting kicked out of a Starbucks in Philadelphia (see here and here). Apparently, a white, female store manager called the police because the two were sitting there and appeared to be not paying customers.  The cops allegedly asked them to leave but after 12 minutes of them refusing to leave the store, arrested them overnight. Reportedly, the young men were waiting for a friend and were not… Read more

Have you ever wondered what an average day in the life of an American mom entails? Do you imagine what these Christians in the Bible Belt are really like? I’m a bit of a sociologist by hobby and social worker and clinician by profession, so I get to associate with and study a fairly large slice of the spectrum of Southerners. And having been a mom since fifteen years ago, I’ve been around a lot of mothers going through various… Read more

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