About Me

I’m an American social worker and therapist of Chinese -Vietnamese descent. A young refugee from the fallout of the Vietnam War who was sponsored by a Christian church to come to America in 1979, I have journeyed through identity crisis, adopted the culture of my new homeland, found Christian faith and years later, even married Philip–a white Southerner from the church that sponsored my family. I am now sharing my personal story in East Meets West: Parenting from the Best of Both Worlds to honor the sacrifice of my amazing parents and glean from the wisdom of ancient eastern religions and philosophies as it relates to parenting. Together my husband and I are parenting three precious boys from the best of both Eastern and Western traditions. I’m also an encourager, a life long learner, a sister, friend, neighbor, counselor and volunteer. With Christ as the lamp unto my feet, I am living that life of hope, strength, and courage. I appreciate having some time to blog, to connect with my fellow readers and my neighbors. I’ve been reading you, and I love to write about it.