The New Issue of Christian Democracy Magazine Has Arrived

The New Issue of Christian Democracy Magazine Has Arrived July 1, 2016

David Russell Mosley


Ordinary Time
1 July 2016
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Readers,

I mentioned a while back that I would be writing for the now monthly Christian Democracy Magazine. Well, the first issue is here! Along with several other excellent essays (which can be found here), you can read my article, “On Not Two Options.” Here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite:

You’ve likely seen it. You’re scrolling through Facebook and a liberal friend, let’s say she’s pro-Bernie, has a new post up. She’s suggesting that since it’s clear Bernie won’t get the nomination we have to vote for Hillary because #neverTrump. Then you scroll down some more and a conservative friend has a post about how terrible Hillary is, that she’s a war-criminal and that Trump, as terrible as he might be, would certainly be better than Hillary. The narrative, it would seem, is that there are only two options. We can only ever vote for either the Republican candidate or the Democratic one. That’s it. To do anything else is to take votes away from the lesser of two evils and thereby ensure that the greater of two evils becomes president. We’re trapped. These are the only options we have and we have to do the best we can. It isn’t as though we can vote for anyone else, is it?

Make sure to read the rest of my article and check out the other excellent ones as well.


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