John Milbank on Augustine and Nicholas of Cusa

John Milbank on Augustine and Nicholas of Cusa August 5, 2016

David Russell Mosley

Date17 October 2014 Source	Own work Author	Jwh  (CC BY-SA 3.0 LU)
Date 17 October 2014
Source Own work
Author Jwh (CC BY-SA 3.0 LU)

Ordinary Time
St. Oswald’s Day
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Readers,

I’m not sure if there is a more controversial theologian living today than John Milbank, at least not in the circles in which I travel. People tend to fall in three camps: Pure hatred, pure love, and a general liking with caveats. There are other positions, of course. I for one really like John both as a person and as a theologian, but I do not always agree with him. So I fit more in the third category. Below are two videos John did, likely some time ago as one of my PhD supervisor’s, Simon Oliver, is his interviewer and Simon has been at Durham for just over a year now. Nevertheless, I recommend these videos to you not, necessarily, as great introductions to the theology of Augustine and Nicholas of Cusa, but as great introductions to John’s understanding of them. Personally, I think the Augustine video shows John’s evolution on Augustine and I might, if given the opportunity, be able to convince him to give John Cassian another chance. Please enjoy.


Why Study Augustine (ignore the misspelling of Augustine in the video title, that’s not John’s fault)

Theologians in Conversation; Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa

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