Does creationism kill babies?

Does creationism kill babies? December 12, 2007

Johann Hari had an article in Monday’s Independent linking the Daily Mail’s campaign against MMR vaccinations (which the government’s chief scientific advisor David King has estimated will kill 50-100 children) to the creationist agenda of its chief exponent – the frankly barking mad Melanie Phillips. His suggestion is that anyone who can’t get to grips with the idea of a virus evolving is unlikely to be able to understand the need to vaccinate. But I think this is stretching it. The link is much simpler: Phillips simply can’t understand science in general, and it’s unfortunate that the Daily Mail promotes her. But then the Mail knows that lies about science and scientists sell – to a certain audience in middle England, that is.

Ben Goldacre in the Guardian was also amusing this weekend on the insanity that characterizes the Daily Mail’s science ‘journalism’ (reproduced in his blog).

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