It’s the pheremones, you know

It’s the pheremones, you know February 14, 2008

In the 3rd century AD, a certain Mr Valentine was beaten up in prison and then beheaded for refusing to deny the existence of an imaginary being. No doubt he would be greatly consoled by the thought that, over 1700 years later, he would be remembered by the great ritual of romantic couples sending mawkish cards to one another!

Anyway, this is is a science blog… but scientists have feelings too (as do humanists!). So, here’s some cheesy science-themed valentine pictures and poems

The Times has an article on the science of love, and the Wall Street Journal gives a round-up of recent scientific advances in the field of love. If you have yet to meet your perfect partner, then it may be worth testing for Major Histocompatibility Complex genotype according to a study out last year in Psychological Science.

If you find your date is going well, then it may be worth checking out last year’s study on why people have sex (because they like it, apparently). And citizens of the UK will be pleased to know that they have official sanction from no less a body than the NHS: sex is good for you, they have decreed. And they even have some handy tips. Nye Bevan would turn in his grave!

And as an antidote to all the above: The Pseudo-Science of Love!

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