And the winners are…

And the winners are… June 29, 2011

In the previous post, I reviewed the new book Jesus Potter Harry Christ, and thanks to the author put up three copies to win.

I was dead chuffed to see so many entries. Not only were they great to read, but it turns out that there are people out there after all who read the blog. Never quite trust web statistics.

So anyway I narrowed it down to a half dozen and then picked three. And here they be:

Torbjörn Larsson: for pointing out that all religious founders were actually first recorded by people who lived remote from the alleged holy man.

Kevin Zimmerman: because I love the idea of him and his Mormon, Harry Potter-loving wife chewing over the parallels between Jesus and Potter (There are many parallels, of course. JK Rowling did this deliberately in order to tap into culturally-embedded narratives – exactly as the early Christians did when developing their mythology).

John TK: Because the difference between the Christian mythology of the ‘inner circle’ of initiates and the ordinary lower ranks is one of the issues Murphy tackles directly.

I have John and Kevin’s emails – Torbjörn, drop me a line at the address under ‘About’ on the right-hand column.

I would love to hand out more (particularly to Andy Breeden for his EMMM methodology). But sadly I ain’t got more to distribute. Still, this was good fun so I’ll see if I can run another competition for a different book!

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