Work is Worship: A Call to Christians

Work is Worship: A Call to Christians November 8, 2017

As a book worm, people are always asking me for book suggestions so I’m delighted to tell you about one you should definitely pick up today. I was honored to be on the launch team for this new book about faith in the workplace. It’s directed toward Christian creatives and entrepreneurs but honestly, any Christian who wants to find more fulfillment in their job should grab a copy.

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“Called to Create” is inspiring, well-written and chock full of wisdom about how we can honor God with our work while at the same time, not letting our identities get wrapped up in the results of what we do. It’s a fine balance, especially for those of us mid-career, maybe climbing the ladder, juggling family or trying to live out a creative dream.

I was excited to interview Jordan today, just one day post-launch, and his book sales are already doing phenomenal. There is no doubt in my mind you will learn from this and be inspired to take your work to the next level. As someone who struggles with many issues covered in the book, it came at the PERFECT time for me. Enjoy our interview & grab a copy of “Called to Create.”

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