The Kardashians Play the Planned Parenthood Propaganda Game

The Kardashians Play the Planned Parenthood Propaganda Game November 9, 2017
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Wow, the
Planned Parenthood propaganda machine was at work in this episode of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where the three oldest girls (Kim, Kourtney & Khloe) appear to “casually” wonder why people protest the organization. Who knows?! They plan an investigative trip that I’m sure Planned Parenthood was SHOCKED to learn about (or…they pitched to them and convinced them they needed to give them good press — one or the other…)
The episode features the Kardashians speaking with women who have been helped by Planned Parenthood, which no doubt many have. They don’t only perform abortions but abortions are one of their highest (if not the highest) source of revenue (as the most expensive “product” they offer.) Interestingly, they don’t like to discuss this aspect of their business nearly as much as they do birth control or STD testing. The Kardashians conclude, they DO support Planned Parenthood and say “people should be more informed” before making a judgment about them.
I feel like Khloe wasn’t so informed herself when she made this comment because…
What people apparently don’t understand is that we are not against HIV testing, birth control services or other good things PP provides for patients. That’s GREAT!
But, they make most of their $$ from their abortion business — and they receive taxpayer funding. It’s like, oh that guy over there is providing a home to unwanted puppies but in the back of his house where no one can see him, he’s abusing his own child. Just because they perform some good services doesn’t cancel out that awful things they do — including covering up statutory rape time & again
If the Kardashians really wanted to paint a fair portrait of their “investigation,” they might have spoken to someone like me about why I oppose the organization. Perhaps they are unaware of some of the lies PP pedals or they they have abortion quotas to reach each month. Perhaps they’ve never met a person who can attest that when they go in with an unplanned pregnancy, they aren’t lovingly given multiple options but instead shone basically a silo of light toward obtaining an abortion.
They are a corrupt organization that should not receive federal funds period. They are dishonest about the service they provide (no mammograms, prenatal care or adoption services), but they’d like you to THINK they do. They are not a NEED, they are an option — as there are far more local clinics available to women without the giant that is PP. If they lose federal funding — as they should — they will survive on their celebrity fame & marketing alone. We shouldn’t be forced to fund an organization that ends human life — that’s the least of it. 
As for the rest of their false claims, cover-ups and corruption — everyone should be speaking out against that, even if you are pro-choice. And don’t even get me started about the tray of fingers, arms and legs I saw (no, it wasn’t fabricated out of thin air) and the sickening call of the researcher saying “Another boy!” or “This one was a twin” while shoving a tray of specimens (AKA baby body parts) in front of undercover cameras.
Oh dear Kardashians. If’ you’d like to be even remotely unbiased, talk to some of us about why we oppose Planned Parenthood & their practices. Talk to someone who has a negative experience with Planned Parenthood. Maybe dust up on your facts a bit next time.
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