A Different Perspective of Astrology and using Planetary/ Constellation Energies

A Different Perspective of Astrology and using Planetary/ Constellation Energies July 28, 2023

All of the old systems of astrology that you will find in mainstream places (such as online birth charts, astrology apps, etc.) are based on a system of calculations. People back in the day, and in ancient times, did not have the technology nor the resources to view the planets and stars in real time, all the time. So they observed, and created calculations to predict the movements and timing for future use.

What they did was amazing, and I am not dismissing that at all here. I hold high respect for the work that has come before us, but there are times when adjustments or changes must happen to reflect the current era, work, and knowledge. When new information comes to light, that requires a different approach.

Western Astrology, has a fixed system which does not calculate for any movement, thus is the least reliable source to understand the planetary and constellation energies at the time of your birth or any other given time.

Vedic astrology does calculate for movement but it still falls short of the reality of where everything falls in the sky at exact points in time.

Planetary Energy – Picture by Nasa

Energy Matters

I have looked at hundreds of different birth charts from the perspective of western and Vedic, alongside the process I will show below. Some have been extremely off, and some by just a sign or two… but that difference matters a lot, at least to me.

If we are talking about real energy, using energy for a purpose – then knowing the true energy that is at play is crucial. If we are using that energy for any type of work or ceremony, and if the placement is wrong, then all the energies will be wrong too, and thus not work (or at least not as you intended). We are not talking about the power of the collective making something real, we are talking about an object with its own core energy that has real effects on the energies it interacts with.

We live in an age of technology. We now have the technology, and the availability to access that technology, to see the actual alignments and movements of the planets and stars. No more guessing, no more calculations that fall out of sync over time – Just a clear picture of the true sky in real time.

Stellarium    https://stellarium-web.org/

Stellarium has both an app for your phone or a web browser based system. I personally use the phone app for quick views and smaller work. I will use the web based on on my computer for in-depth work or birth-charts because it is just easier for me to use there and get a bigger picture.

I have researched tons of different apps, sites, and so forth, and this is the only one I personally trust. All if its data comes from real observatories across the globe, giving you the most up to date, and accurate information. You can use the time stamp box (see the picture below) to choose any day, time, or year, to get a completely accurate view of the position of all the stars and planets at that exact point in time. Use the search bar at the top to type in any planet, star, and so forth to find them on the star map. The icon at the bottom allow you to add or eliminate aspects such as the landscape, constellation images, and so forth.

Create Your own Birth Chart

I was never big into astrology until I started working with Planetary energies. The deeper I went, the more I understood the process (and shortcomings) of all the mainstream apps, charts, and the information others were giving based on that information – I started digging into my own chart.

I used the Stellarium program, entered my own birth date and time, and found the real energies and their placements. The only thing that stayed the same was my moon sign, and even then it was between two signs. So I built my own birth chart, using the exact positions and a compilation of all the information I had gathered through researching the constellations and planets.

I always had parts of my old chart and signs (Vedic style) that didn’t seem to fit and I did not feel at all. This new one though, I resonate and see all of it. For me, it is spot on.

Even if you choose to keep using ones modeled under the western or Vedic version, I highly recommend giving this a try just to see what it shows. It will at least give you some different perspectives to consider.

Like I said, I am about using the real energies at play, and where they truly are in the sky, thus this is the method I choose. You will often see me post or mention the moon in “this constellation” or the sun “in that one” and it will not align with what you are hearing on social media and in mainstream places. It is because they are using the old calculations and models, where as I am using data from observatories who are plotting the sky in real time.


I am not trying to sway anyone one way or the other. I am not dissing on any of the other models – they served well when the average person did not have access to tools to observe these things themselves. They just do not serve me and my needs. We all have choices to make for our own path, and this is mine.

Yes, it is a little more work because it requires you to do your own research. It requires you to use a different kind of app and adjust the timing to see ahead or behind. It is not much though. It really just depends on what is important to you.

Below I will share my collective work about the energies of the planets and constellations. It may vary from others you have seen because the information was pulled by a large variety of sources to find the places they all overlapped – finding the core energies from my perspective. You are free to use all of this for yourself – or to completely ignore it and follow what you already do.

The main point of this was not to change people or systems – but to give an alternative perspective to consider and some tools if you want to test it for yourself.

Pluto – Picture by NASA

Planets and Constellations

Mercury – Venus – Mars: Are more about how you move within the physical World

Uranus – Neptune – Pluto: Are more about your magical/ spiritual side

Sun (The Outer Self: Actions – How we think – how we sense the world – How we are seen)

Moon (The Inner self: Emotions – how we perceive – how we process what we experience)

Mercury (How we think – use our senses – communicate : Mind and Voice)

Venus (Partnerships – Family – Luck : Emotion and internal processes)

Mars (Actions – Primal Energy – Conflict resolution)

Jupiter (The Balancer – transition between physical and spiritual – Higher understanding – Spiritual Connection)

Saturn (Foundation – structures – discipline – work – obligations – need vs want – core self)

Uranus (Perspective – reflection – Deep Change – Breaking the old and creating new)

Neptune (Intuition – how we handle change shape-shifting – preserving force – dreams – magic)

Pluto (How we transform – transformation – the Soul)


Some minor undertone energy that can be brought in with honing the skills:

makemake (Environmental Wisdom – how we perceive nature and energies)

haumea (How we connect to nature and energies)

ceres (What we nurture and how we nurture)

eris (How we battle – what kind of warrior we are)

chiron (How we recognize wounds and act to heal them)



The Ruler : Earth (Capricorn): strategic – driven – disciplined – responsibility – defender – courage – swift mind and action – integrity – Sovereign

The Thinker : Air (Aquarius): perspective – possibilities – independent – confident – science – humanistic – elements – inventive

The Enchanter : Water (Pisces): intuitive – mystical – flexible – patient – resourceful – dreamer – goal oriented – artistic

The Observer : Fire (Aries): aware – observant – senses – intuition – logic – persistent – stealthy – courageous – sees more than others

The Guardian : Earth (Taurus): steady – driven – determined – trust – patient – stubborn – unites people – growth – regeneration

The Illusionist : Air (Gemini): cunning – crafty – manipulation / seduction – shape shifter – adventurous – adaptable – connected – duality

The Stabilizer : Water (Cancer): spiritual – strength – stamina – nurture – support – inspire – energetic – charm – Cycles

The Healer : Fire (Leo): intelligent – loyal – caregiver – endurance – brave – proactive – ambitious – motivating – playful – grounded

The Knower : Earth (Virgo): Wisdom – deep knowledge – experience – out of the box – esoteric – altruistic – responsible – organized – humble – guardian

The Weaver : Air (Libra): world changer – graceful – noble – faithful – honorable – seeks challenges – sees all sides / perspectives – sees micro and macro at once

The Survivor : Water (Scorpio): social – charismatic – sacrifice – powerful instincts – adaptable – resourceful – optimistic – self powerful

The Inquisitor : Earth *(Ophiuchus): fiercely loyal – mediator – teacher – guide – diplomat – good sense of justice – strong morals and honesty

The Seer : Fire (Sagittarius): powerful – rises – uncovering truths – eccentric explorer – ever thinking – true seer

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