Body, Soul, and The Mind Between

Body, Soul, and The Mind Between January 26, 2024

Every living thing has a soul – an energy that connects us and an energy that animates the body. There are many parts of the Soul but the Soul is also one thing, one wholeness. It is a part of Divine, thus we carry that Divine within us. Because we all carry it within us, we are all connected by it. Our Temple that holds Divine is our body. It is how we experience this physical world and all the worlds layered into it.

I think some people tend to forget that this society we live in, is not the world we live in. Our society is constructed by people, layered on-top of the natural world, yet not a part of it. The laws are different, the purpose is different, the way we move in it is different. I do not think it is the world people are wanting to escape, it is the society humans have overlaid on top of it.

There are so many aspects of human society that have taken us farther from our soul. Not losing it, but more like boxing it up and putting it into a closet to gather dust. The energy still runs the functions, but it is the body in control, not the balanced Union of Body and Soul together.

The Senses

We have two sets of senses, one set from the body and one set from the Soul. We call the body’s physical senses – hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. It is how our body takes in information from our surrounding environment. Then it processes that information in the mind, which shapes how we perceive our physical reality.

Our Soul also has a set of senses – we call them clairs or physic senses. Hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste just like the body but coming from a space of all the things beyond the physical plane. The things that are not made of matter in the way our science views it, and the aspects of our world that our mind has been trained to ignore and not process.

The Soul also contains two extra senses – yet they are not exclusive to the soul. Clairsentience, the inner knowing or intuition. It coincides with body’s conscious/ critical brain. Our conscious mind is focused on the information coming through the body. Our subconscious mind, soul, is focused on the information coming through physic (soul) senses and coming through as physic knowing or intuition. Claircognizance, is the aspect of seeing different perspective. To see through another point of view. Empathy. Our Body also has this ability. The body does this through thought in the mind, while the Soul does it through emotions.

The Soul is connected to the spiritual, the unseen, as the body is connected to the physical world, that of matter.

The Soul and Body – Esa

The Mind in the Middle

If the Body is the Temple housing the Soul, then the mind could be seen as the Altar where they both come together.

The mind is the middle ground where both sides work together. Each feeding the mind their information, and the mind processing both sets of information to understand the totality of our reality. We say the mind shapes our reality and this is true. It shapes it by the information, the sensations, and experiences of both the body and the soul. It puts it into context that we can understand.

There was a time where I believe that these sides were balanced. Where our soul had the same amount of standing within the mind as the body. I believe it could be why we have so many past civilizations that seemed to have to have so much advanced knowledge, building techniques, and so forth. Because the alignment and balance between the soul and body allowed us to access all that, to understand how to do these things, to see the world in its many layers.

I think it is possible that many of the creatures we consider mythical could have been creatures that humans actually experienced in a time where we had that balance between soul and body. Many magical practitioners believe they exist on an energetic level, which goes back to Divine’s story about this world. That there are many energetic planes of existence on this world and we are only perceiving a fraction of them. Perhaps when we were more aligned with our Soul, we were able to see and interact with them in the physical sense.

The Disconnect

Something happened though. Something that started taking us further and further from that alignment. That started diminishing the Soul’s ability to contribute its side to the mind, thus to our reality. I don’t think it was anything fast and apocalyptic like many imagine a change like this. I think it has happened slowly, over many many generations, many centuries. I think it was influenced by outside forces (society) but that we did this ourselves.

There are many different things I feel has contributed to this disconnection from our Soul, but this isn’t a book so I will just touch on some highlights I feel were some of the heavier contributors.

The rise of christianity – Although not the first, I think it grew quickly through it. Though the focus of christianty is on the soul, yet it is not the soul in this world. Early on in the church’s beginning, mystical experience, connecting to the soul, spirit walking, were all part of their belief system. As the church organized into one belief system, this type of soul connecting became something demonic or untrustworthy. Convincing people that only through a priest could you truly connect to Divine – placing them between us and Divine. People still had these experiences and some were even sainted for it, but that was not the general population.

The rise of science – Focused only on the material world. Splitting the mind into the conscious (body) and subconscious (soul) and creating distrust in the information from the subconscious. Focusing only on what can be proven in their terms, in the material plane, and reproduced for all. Sweeping away any experience that does not fit in their box. Mystical experience was either an overactive imagination or mental illness. Seeing something others could not automatically went into the realm of hallucinations or tricks of the mind. Training us, piece by piece, to ignore these things, to rationalize them away into nothingness. Thus moving us further and further from the Soul – the conscious connection and experience of it. *Note: some of this has been shifting in the last couple of decades, but most still are not considered as “true” science by the larger science community.

The rise of materialism – The deeper we have moved into a world of material survival the more distracted we become by mundane aspects. We train children from an early age to dismiss their encounters with the unseen as their imagination. We have a public education system that is built to produce workers who follow instructions, and train them to “fit in,” not encourage creative exploration. A society that has us trying to fit and stay into a box of conformity, rather then celebrate individuality. Our physical life and survival in it based on a monetary system, which requires us to trade our time/ life for basic physical needs – the most basic needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The rise of technology – The 24/7 distraction: We live in an age where everything is available at any time. In general, people do not give their brains the time to be quiet, to slow down, to listen to the soul, because we are constantly feeding it information in all kinds of forms. Social Media: At least in America, what trends most is discourse, division, and what should bring us closer, separates us more. We have been trained to always have an opinion and voice it loudly if someone says something we disagree with because others give you likes, or chimes in to, giving dopamine hits that make us feel good. The algorithms: Everything is designed to eat your time, to keep you there – and it is also designed to alter your brain. This isn’t conspiracy, it is science, and why these companies pay big dollars to psychologists to keep improving this system. Binaural Beats : Just as we can use them to heal, to connect, tech/ advertising/ media companies can also use them to keep your brain in the state that best suits their needs of keeping you in a consumer mindset, consuming the content that they want you to consume, and so forth.

All of these are double edged swords. They hold Blessings and Curses because they allow for great things in our world, but it depends on how they are used and how we, as humans, choose to use them. What I have stated above just gives a glimpse of the mechanisms that have helped this divide between body and soul.

mirror image of trees over water
The Mirror – Esa

Finding the Soul

I do not think it is about “finding” the soul – the soul isn’t lost, we just stopped listening. Our brains are constantly being shaped by us. What we give attention to and have deep emotional reaction to is the things our brain focuses on – what it sees as important because of what we give attention to. Through this process it starts to filter other things out – thus filtering them our of the reality we perceive.

Everything starts in the brain, for it is the processes there that really do produce the reality we live in – because it is the perceived reality. It is why your reality and my reality may vary – sometimes slightly, sometimes dramatically.

Magical practitioners state that is all starts in the mind – because it does for the same reasons our reality starts there. We have all heard “To attract abundance, we must already be in abundance.” This goes back to how we are conditioning the focus of the brain. If we are focusing on what we have more than what we lack, the brain starts to see that as more important, thus its focus changes to concentrating on what we have. This shift in focus has us seeing more and more abundance in our lives, even if our physical lives have not changed at all.

Over time though our brain will look for and pay attention to the opportunities of abundance – it will focus on finding them and seeing them so we can bring more abundance into our physical lives. It is not just a psychological way of viewing this – we are literally reconditioning our brain to focus where we want and need to be. In the conditioning we are creating it in our reality – because our reality is experienced in the mind.

We do not need to “find” the soul – We need to recondition our mind to allow it to be at equal level and wholeness with the body. We need to recondition the mind to see it as important – the information and senses of the soul, blended with the body, to see and experience the whole world. We need to place this connection at the forefront, instead of something we just try to squeeze in some time for.

It’s not easy. Our society is built to keep the separation, to keep our focus in the body, the material. It is how we manipulate and control people, to move them in the direction we want them to go. We can use those same techniques though to break free of it and come back to wholeness with the soul. We can use science, faith, technology, and vibrations like the binaural beats.

It is up to each of us to make our own choices, deciding how we condition and program our minds. What we choose to focus on, give our attention to, and connect to. It’s not easy, but then again living in our current conditions isn’t easy either.

In my next article I am going to share some of my own experiences with connecting and bonding with my own soul. What helped me, what I have discovered for myself, and how it has changed me in every way.

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