Hello Rumi Tuesday! Inside Your Face…

Hello Rumi Tuesday! Inside Your Face… June 13, 2017

Hello Rumi Tuesday


Wood wagon in the field


Inside your face
the ancient manuscripts
seem like rusty mirrors.


You breathe;
new shapes appear,
and the music of a Desire
as widespread as Spring
begins to move
like a great wagon.


Drive slowly.
Some of us walking alongside
are lame.


by Jalal id-din Rumi,
translated by Coleman Barks.




My teacher, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal,

wrote in his book, Music of the Soul,

that God created Adam, and when Adam was still in spirit form,

God put His image in Adam,

His Light in him,

and the fragrance of all His qualities in Adam.

God put the knowledge of everything from the seen and the unseen,

the hidden and the revealed,

into the heart of Adam,

and from Adam’s breath, the universe was created.

Adam, created in the image of God,

contained the entire universe within him.

From the breath of God

through the spirit of Adam,

the creation took shape

to reveal the hidden meanings

of the word of God.

Your Light sparks the flame

of desire in the heart

that calls us to You,

and illuminates the path

that leads us to know You.

Through the rusty mirror of our hearts,

we seek the Face of God,

to know the Truth of Existence

that is the origin of our own existence,

the essence contained within –

the Essence of the One.

Photo credits:
Copyright: ID 29149174 © Ivan Mikhaylov | Dreamstime.com
ID 47377906 © Hayati Kayhan | Dreamstime.com
Adobe Stock Photo: © velibg #46212991

Reference: Music of the Soul, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal ar-Rifa'i as-Shaduli, 
Sidi Muhammad Press.


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