Cascade of Consciousness

Cascade of Consciousness April 25, 2011
Time to set up the drip! =)

First off, lent is over! (I can have Diet Dr. Pepper, Orange pop & Diet Pepsi & Diet Sierra Mist again)!  And, most importantly, Jesus -my love, my hope & my life- arose, ascended and is alive: moving and working in sorry souls like myself!

(I have a great idea for a post-Lent blog I’ll do later).

For the last two -really obnoxiously busy weeks- the hubs was in a FANTASTIC Easter production that explored the various reactions of anyone and everyone who knew Jesus the day after he died.  It was powerful, man!  Seeing how confused his disciples were, how heartbroken the Mary’s were, how proud Herod was, how confused Pontius Pilate was.  I connected to Jesus in very new ways this Easter because of it.  Kudos to the Vineyard Church of Kalamazoo for producing something so beautiful and poignant.

Additionally, I just finished reading this amazing book which also helped me to thoughtfully consider the bunnafied holiday.

(I’m working on a review for this book that I’ll do later).

Sooooo, I am TOTALLY bummed that I did not get picked for the “Women Delivers,” blogger competition.  You know the one that I mentioned the other day, right? The one where I’d get to fly out to Kenya in 3 weeks and deliver fresh water to hundreds of families and document the whole experience?  Yeah, that one…


Upon learning I wasn’t even a stinking finalist, (4:59pm) I was at first tempted to give up blogging, writing and speaking because clearly I’m not good enough.  Now, it’s 8:54pm. I’m so over it.  I thought to myself, “Grace, how in the world are you ever going to publish a book if you can’t handle rejection of any sort?”

So, I guess I’ve had my self-appointed epiphany for the day.

It’s been REALLY NICE to decide that I’m not going to focus on blog growth for the rest of 2011.  If you haven’t noticed around these parts, I’ve been giving a lot of inches to my revived passion to complete my memoir.  My point? It’s been nice to post pressure-free.  Knowing my blogging job is in maintenance-mode not go-crazy-and-post-every-day-mode.

(I’ll explain more about my 2011 goals –that I finally made— later).

Soooo, Dave & I saw The Source Code. It’s good!  I like Mr. Jake Gyllenhall. It was a super fun date flick! =)

(I’ll do a movie review later).

Last week, I was one of a few Mommy’s chaperoning R1’s young 5’s pre-school field trip to the planetarium. Oh. For. The. Love.  In my group, were 4 delightful five year olds who together were the wildest, loudest, running-est, obnoxious group of five year old boys.


This is the 3rd year now that R1 has been in a co-op pre-school where Mommy’s & Daddy’s have working days, and this is the 3rd year that I continue to be MAJORLY STRESSED out on those days.  In fact, this year I even shelled out extra money just to avoid these nightmare days.  I am just NOT cut out for two, three, four or five year old’s apparently.  Or at least not in groups bigger than one.  I prefer just my little R1.

(I have to do an R1 update later ~ he’s saying the cutest things ever).

Enough cascading for the day…

Any thing random going on in your life right now that you’d like to do now but just need to wait until later? =)


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