I’ll color block if you will.

I’ll color block if you will. October 18, 2011

What do you think about the new color blocking trend?

While I’m not wild about Jessica Alba’s maternity number (far left) or Kimmy K’s slightly 80’s looking outfit I do like the other one.

Do you agree Kim Kardashian rocked the house with the yellow/green color block look?  I have to say I love it, especially paired with the taupe, slingback stiletto’s & gold clutch. Holy haute!  While were on the subject, I think Kim K is stunning in general.  And Lord, I’m thankful she’s made having a big butt and awesome curves seem fairly “normal.”

TOTAL. Team Kim.


On the runway, as a collection, color blocking makes sense.

on celebs, it works…

…in a picture it works…

on Rihanna of course…EVERYTHING works (here we see the gold shoes, gold accessories again)

…let’s not forget the red carpet…

But the BIG question is…does this new celeb trend translate to real life?

We shall see…

(hint: I’m going to color block my little tush off =)

…pictures will follow…

So.  Will YOU color block this Fall?

 p.s. Because were on fashion today…

Did you know UGG makes RED, sequined boots?

Did you know I’d love to have a pair?

I’m mean seriously, how cute are these?

happy sigh.


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