Life really should be adventerous…

Life really should be adventerous… October 18, 2011

…at least it should be if your a a Meyers-Briggs ESFP like me.  ESFP’s, well, we like to partay-ay-ay-ay-ay…

I’m taking a lil adventure this weekend to the Blogher / Penguin Writer’s Conference!  It’s for women who have developed the habit and discipline of writing through blogging and desire to transition that talent into the publishing market.

As many of you know, I’ve been consistently working on a memoir for the past 8-ish years and I’m finally (mostly) done with a solid 1st draft, with about 1/2 the book in it’s 2nd & 3rd draft.  When I saw what the conference was about and the fact that it didn’t interfere with any of my many InterVarsity travels this month (a trip each week), it just made sense.  I had this weird feeling of peace come over me, I just knew I had to be there.

It’s the next step in following my dream.  And what aspiring author doesn’t want to be published by Penguin?  They are without a doubt, the premier publishers of the memoir genre.  A chance to rub shoulders & network with these gods of publishing?  Heck, yeah.

Per the advice of the conference I even had a personal business card made.  Well, I designed it on Picnik & had them printed locally.  What do you think?

(front & back)

They are printed on this really thick card stock.  I must say, they are beautiful.  I love them.

(I wanted a speaking picture so they know I can market my book.  Shoot, I’ll tell anybody. LOL)


As it turned out, a ministry donor had just offered a $400 airline voucher which I snapped up for a work-related trip.  When that trip was cancelled he gladly offered for me to use them for the Writer’s trip which was so kind since I was essentially offering them back to him.

First hurdle, crossed.

Since, we are quite broke –quite– I decided to bite the bullet and ask a number of friends to support my dream by helping with the registration cost, cab fair, etc.  Some of my bestest buds in the world: Jason & Andrea, Aubrey, Chris & Teke, Elie & Jeanie and Tim & Marla all said “Yes! We support you! Here’s some money! Go follow your dream!”  It was really quite humbling and beautiful.  And really, I was amazed at their generosity.  I still need about $35-ish buck-a-roos, so if you are just dying to help a sista out, contact me. =)

Second hurdle, crossed.

An IV staff friend & his wife, Greg & Jennifer, living in NYC are housing me for the 1st night & one of my best peeps, Sharry from growing up in the D is housing me for the 2nd night.

Third hurdle, crossed.

Convincing the hubs that I should take yet another trip and pursue my ‘writing career’ when it’s all ready felt sacrificial to him? Well, that my friends wasn’t as easy.  The great thing is, though, we have a list of conversations we need to have regarding my moving forward with blogging / publishing so that we’ll eventually be on the same page.

Fourth gigantic hurdle, sort-of-crossed.

My mother-in-law (my 2nd Ma=) is coming to help the hubs out with the kiddo’s.

Fifth hurdle, crossed.

My point here is this:  whatever dream any one of us has, it’s going to take a lot of people and a lot of sacrifices to follow through on.  No one lived out their dreams by getting there alone.  (If they did, it’s likely not a dream worth following any old ways).  I’m so thankful for the hubs taking on the kiddo’s, my 2nd Ma, my financial backers, the anonymous donor giving away a $400 airline voucher (seriously, who does that???), etc.

THANK YOU, everyone!  Thank you so so so so so so so much!

Of course I’ll be tweeting, instagram-ing, facebooking and eventually blogging all about my experiences.  If you want to keep up with my adventure, follow me on Twitter. @Minister_Mama

What are your dreams?  Anyone have a life bucket list?


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