I am amazeballs.

I am amazeballs. October 31, 2011

Hope y’all don’t mind that I’m on a total fashion kick lately ’round these parts.

These past few weeks I’ve been really frustrated with myself for not working out, gaining weight and biting my nails.

I know the nail thing is TOTALLY random, but for-reals it’s just another sign of me not taking care of myself.

The other day I posted about getting super chunky, not working out, being annoyed that I wear sweats everyday that I’m not going somewhere “important” and feeling discouraged about not putting cute outfits together because honestly, I love putting cute outfits together and it makes me sad not to engage with fashion just because I feel like a fatty fatterson.

So.  Last Saturday I was going to throw on jeans & an over-sized shirt (AGAIN) to take my kiddo’s to a halloween party, but I said to myself: “NO.  This ends right now”.

So, here’s my look:

Jacket – I invested in this GAP jacket in 2001(!), POSITIVE it would be a wardrobe staple for years.  I was right.

Dress – I found this super stretchy blue/black striped dress at Target the other day for $5.28.

Black Skinny Belt – Also from Target.  It is too big, but it was $4.38, so I decided to make it work.

Black leggings – very thick, striped, wool leggings from Meijer. $10

Gymies – Payless. $8 Bought these in 2005.

Necklace – Meijer Clearance.

Purse – Aldo’s – Gift from the Hubs a few years ago. =)

Bracelet – A gift from my lovely friend Dana who bought for me in Italy.  It’s remarkably beautiful.

I was hesitant to post these at first because my belly flab is showing, but this is me.  I’m trying to love me, belly flab and all.  Although I was cold in this little get-up here, it felt nice to at least try.  Just that bit of effort made me feel better about myself.

It’s like saying, “I am amazeballs,” even though I don’t feel amazeballs, but just saying it makes me think I could be, and it reminds me that I actually am amazeballs to God, to my hubs, to my kiddo’s…so there belly flab.  You can kiss it.

I include the price, the location, etc. because people always ask me where I shop, etc.  The truth is, I shop clearance where-ever I am…and I keep key pieces.  Seriously.  I still have things from high school.  Not even playin’.

The reason I have so many accessories from WalMart & Meijer is because I grocery shop there!  Why not check the clearance?  I typically don’t buy anything on clearance unless its $5 & below or $10 below AND off the chain. (translate – beyond cute).

There you have it.  All this lead me to this…

Today, in a minute, I’m not even kidding you, I am going to work-out.  I just downloaded a 20 minute fat burner from itunes.  Not that you care, but I’m really going to try!

(And, it doesn’t hurt that I’m emcee’ing an InterVarsity conference for 700 College & University students in two weeks).  Nothing like being out in public to give you that extra oomph, eh? =)  And I am going to be amazeballs whether I lose weight or not.

How are y’all doing?  Anyone want to boast and brag about how consistently you work-out?  Seriously.  It could be good for us lazy types.  Anyone else trying a little harder with loving yourself?  Making an effort with fashion?  Let me know what’s going in your world regarding health, fitness or fashion.

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