FRiDAY #iphoneography – Goodbye Tyler =( + I guess I’m in the mood to embaress myself + it’s NaBloPoMo (& no I’m not speaking in tongues. I have many gifts but tongues is not one of them, people).

FRiDAY #iphoneography – Goodbye Tyler =( + I guess I’m in the mood to embaress myself + it’s NaBloPoMo (& no I’m not speaking in tongues. I have many gifts but tongues is not one of them, people). November 4, 2011
"Look at me, Skye. I love you. If you can't see that, your blind, baby."

"This is the 4th hot chick I've taken for a ride in my Jeep. Count 'em baby."
"Bet ya can't make me smile. na na boo boo.'"


"aaaarrr Matey Incredible, why arrrr ya wearing my pirates hat?"
Picnik'ed =)



ahhhhh. Satisfaction.


This pic was taken in 1995.  I was in Florida on Spring Break, wild’n’out.  Seeing this picture made me think two things…

#1). I miss my 18 year old boobs.

#2). I miss 18 year old, size 5, flat belly.


When I’m 70 will I look back at my 35 year old pictures and think: I miss that body?

Well.  All this talk (and stewing) over being a little chunkier led my friend, Patrice to send me these two pics after she left a hillarious comment on the post…

(She’s the hottie in the bright blue dress)

She wrote this:

“Ok so you know that I appreciate a little thickness on myself and a black woman in general. BUT I have gone from a juicy piece of center cut pork chop to a full blown HAM HOCK. LOL it is so true that dressing well is half the battle. The last few times I have been out I decided to wear bold colors and be a little sexy too. It makes me feel so much better. I also have been very EXPOSED since i cut my hair. I can’t hide behind my sleek wrap or a fabulous sew in when I am bald. I think the cut is forcing me to embrace this body that I am working with. On a final note (don’t by clearance) go get two really great bras from a lingerie store. Talk about a self esteem builder when the momma milk jugs look like hot hoots again (I am so glad I ponied up 130 bones for a few good foundation pieces) My clothes just fit better. Teena Marie or Harps ( in southfield and birmingham respectively.) is where I got them. I am SOOO glad I did. I feel sexy even with my chub.”

Well, P, rock on wit ya bad self.

Moving on.

For your entertainment…


Goodbye Tyler…

Bye, Tyler.

This was Tyler.  He was a good car, reliable, squeaky but a nice fellow all around.

Unfortunetly, Tyler is now a cube of metal.  He’s totaled.

The hubs blew a red light & we were all in crash on Halloween.


Thankfully, the mini-van we hit was able to turn a bit avoiding a direct head-on crash between her car & the side of ours.

She was carrying three small children, we had two and we are all okay except for a few minor injuries, which are mostly mine: back, neck & shoulders.

It could have been so much worse, and I am so thankful Tyler provided shelter for us.

After the crash I turned quickly to check on the kids, within seconds R1 (the 6 yr. old) said: “does this mean I still get to get Halloween candy?”  R2 (the 2 yr. old) said: “uh (pause) oh.”  They were fine, thank you Lord.

On a lighter note…

For embaressment purposes:

I felt REALLY CUTE on this day in 8th grade when I was about to go on a mini-date with a boy who went by the name, “Pepsi.”

Astonishingly enough, he was smitten with my look.

*Also, these are the jeans I was referencing in this post.*

For your info…

November is NaBloPoMo!

(translation: National Blog Posting Month)

Lots of gloriously mad bloggers try to post once a day in November.

I hope they have fun with that…I can’t even touch it with a 30 foot pole right now.

Have a great weekend, peeps! =)

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