If like me, you want to kill google for shutting down our beloved Picnik read this…

If like me, you want to kill google for shutting down our beloved Picnik read this… February 7, 2012

It’s true blogging friends, picnik is expiring on April 19th and I am having the STRONGEST EMOTIONAL RESPONSE EVER.  Deep, deep breath.

I can’t tell if it’s because a BIG company bought out a LITTLE company and then shut it down like a bad habit or if I’m just deeply saddened at the loss of the best online photo editing software that was easy to use and remarkably cheap at $25 per year.

Sigh and double sigh.

After much heart-felt search I’ve found my sloppy seconds replacement.

What I’ve tried to replace Picnik with…

1. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 – I’m on the trial period right now, and it’s a big, fat, raging NO.  If your like me, and have no idea what your doing, it’s absolutely useless and impossible to figure out after an hour.  And I know my way around, y’all.  An hour is my limit.  Also, the full version is $89.99.  Steep.

2. Pixlr ExpressIt does a few overlays, a few frames & a few fonts. As a Picnik replacement it’s the difference between my son’s bike with training wheels and a 10-speed.  If all you do is a few tweaks, and add a bit’o’text consider this your best FREE option.  Although, I have apps on my iphone that do more than this.

3. Pixelmator Arrrrggghgh.  I confess to you I assumed after reading all the glowing reviews that this would be my silver bullet and I splurged $29.99 for the Mac version.  I have no doubt that it’s a wonderful photo editing tool, but I don’t know how to use it and there is no manual.  Yes, I looked.  The reviews compared it to the power of Photoshop with a $400 price tag.  So if your on that level, $30 bucks for Pixelmator is a drop in the bucket and it’s available in the Mac app store.  (Since I do own it, I’m guessing I’ll dive in eventually and see the wonderous miracles it can do for an amateur iphoneographer like me).

4. Collage Maker – Also available in the Mac store for the bargain price of $2.99 for Mac users.  It has 5 collage options.  Picnik had about 75. Boo. Boo. Boo.

What I am replacing Picnik with…

1. BeFunky -Same set up as Picnik, with some pretty cool overlays that Picnik didn’t have.  BUT…and this is BIG BUT…it doesn’t do collages!  Couldn’t you just die?!  A blogger without collages, I mean, seriously.  We can’t live this way people!  =)  It has many free options just as Picnik did and the upgrade cost is the same: $25 per year.  For now.  Rest assured though, we can add goodies, frames, overlays, texts, colors, etc.

2. FotoFlexer – This is what I am going to use to compliment BeFunky, because they DO HAVE COLLAGES! (YAY)! And it’s free, thank the Lord.

Friends, I hope you too can learn to get over the devastating loss of our beloved Picnik thanks to EVIL & MANIACAL google cronies.

What have you found that I failed to mention here?  What’s your photo editing plan shaping up to be?

Yours for fun & cheap photo editing,


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