March 26, 2002

BEATS WORKIN’: No immigration post until I do a lot more work. So for the moment, this is all you get.

Matt Welch: Racism and murder in sunny Florida. Summary: “It’s great to watch trashy-looking public defender Pat McGuinness slice up the witnesses, and his partner Ann Finnell talk about capital-J justice … but it’s absolutely horrifying to think that people can still be locked up and tried for murder just because one (or more) cops lie, their supervisors & local judges look the other way, and a single distraught witness gives an unreliable positive ID in extremely dubious circumstances.”

Ted Barlow: Update on media-bias post.

Brink Lindsey, amid much general goodness on his site: Why Bush’s steel and lumber decisions are just part of a 70-year-long mistaken free trade strategy. He promises more to come.

Mr. Amy Welborn: A blogger’s husband, with some fascinating stuff about the Passion in the Gospel of St. Matthew.

A list of journalists killed in 2001. Causes: War in Afghanistan, 9 (Daniel Pearl was killed in 2002 and is not included on this list). WTC attack: 1. Anthrax: 1.

Either Berber protesters against the Algerian government or a runaway bus: 2.

Either Bangladeshi Communists or a criminal-police coalition: 1.

The Bolivian mining company Marmolera Comunitaria Ltda: 1.

Chinese gangsters aided by police coverup: 1.

Unidentified Colombian assassins (one probably right-wing, one a tossup, one a basic criminal): 3.

Corrupt Costa Rican Catholic radio programmers???: 1.

Random Georgian criminals (possibly with government ties): 1.

Corrupt officials in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala: 1.

Pro-Aristide mob (more on this below): 1.

Powerful Indian landowners: 1.

Latvian criminals: 1.

Mexican drugrunners, linked to police and local officials: 1.

Israeli missile attack (targeting a Hamas leader): 1.

Politically-linked Paraguayan timber-smugglers: 1.

Corrupt Filipino officials: 1. Anyone from corrupt officials to Abu Sayyaf: 1.

Corrupt Russians: 1.

Corrupt Thais: 2.

Corrupt or just plain criminal Ukrainians: 1.

Probably loyalist but possibly IRA Northern Ireland terrorists: 1.

Conflict in the former Yugoslavia: 1. Corruption in ditto: 1.

Total: 37. This list does not include journalists whose deaths may not have been linked to their reporting.

Take-home lessons: There’s an enormous amount of awfulness going on in the world that has nothing to do with Afghanistan. And: Why do we hear so little news about Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the other Communist Pirate of the Caribbean? Unlike Fidel Castro, the defrocked priest is popular in the country he rules. When the US ousted a military junta and reinstalled Aristide in 1994, press freedom briefly flourished. But now Aristide is back to business as usual: quelling dissent by killing dissenters. In the past several years he has stepped up the violence against opponents. (Click here and here and here and here for examples.) So where’s the outrage? Jay Nordlinger, do you read this site?

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