Kitchen adventures: Forgiving food!

Kitchen adventures: Forgiving food! June 18, 2012

Tonight I tried to make a variation on these. I made several different mistakes… and they’re still delicious. My changes are below, with mistakes in bold!

I steamed the broccoli in the microwave. I mixed too much garbanzo flour with parmesan, cumin, cayenne, curry powder, and salt. Then I mixed in minced garlic and fresh ginger. Then some whole milk, two eggs, the cut-up steamed broccoli, and most of the water I steamed it in. Just… way too much flour and mixy liquidy stuff, not enough broccoli.

Then I heated a nonstick pan, then heated some olive oil in the pan (lol, don’t waste olive oil on this). Then I totally wanted to make fritters, but the batter was a little bit too loose and a lot too things-that-aren’t-broccoli, so instead I just poured out the whole thing in a big pizza shape. This meant that as it fried on the bottom I had to carve it into quesadilla-looking pie pieces and attempt to flip them once I was pretty sure the bottom was dappled with delicious brown dots. I forgot that this stovetop heats really fast, so the oil started bubbling well before I was ready, and I had to turn the burner off and generally fuss a bit to keep things from smoking or exploding or whatever.

Because the slices were totally unwieldy, it was hard to tell when I should flip them, so one side was nice and golden-brown but the other side was cooked much longer. I’m not counting this as a mistake, though, since nothing burned. Instead, one side was golden-brown and the other was a perfect deep rich walnut color.

Now I’m eating them. The ratio of flour etc to broccoli and parmesan is definitely not what I’d prefer, but the spices and the character brought by the garbanzo flour make these incredibly tasty. About to pour a glass of whole milk to go with.

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