I have, in fact, met a whole lot of girls like you before. Only better.

I have, in fact, met a whole lot of girls like you before. Only better. September 11, 2012

Just got back from the movie version of Bachelorette, which stars Kirsten Dunst. I reviewed the play version here. Some notes follow, but the most important note is: Don’t see this movie. Seriously, just do not. I don’t believe in advice and I rarely give it but in this case I will make an exception.

That said, * Lizzy Caplan is really great! She is the only bright spot.

* The movie removes one key monologue from the play (the one about “This is Marilyn Monroe!”, if you’ve seen it) and makes many other tweaks. The end result is that while the play condemned both typical “girl” and typical “guy” behaviors, the movie tilts much more harshly against the women. Nice going. The men are unfathomably forgiven and the women are bleakly resigned to them.

* It’s relatively easy these days to find movies and TV which end on a note of fully-earned despair, or a note of totally unearned hope. Finding a movie with a hopeful ending which earns its hopefulness is tough. Bachelorette is in the totally-unearned category.

* Alternative viewing: Bridesmaids, definitely, or literally any episode of Absolutely Fabulous. These are both smarter and more compassionate.

* I do like this song though. So maybe two bright spots, this song and Lizzy Caplan.

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