An Introduction to Me, For Readers of the Atlantic

An Introduction to Me, For Readers of the Atlantic May 30, 2013

Hi! Here’s some stuff which might interest you if you’re coming over because of this piece.

If you want all of my recent writing on being gay and Catholic, try this tag. Some of my favorite pieces are “The Botany Club,” “To come first for someone,” “Romoeroticism,” “Homo No Mo’?“, and my exchange with Timothy Luke Johnson in Commonweal (plus a response to criticism). For less-gay Catholic posts try the “mackerel-snapping” tag. You may also want to check out the marriage, friendship, and vocation tags. My favorite book on being gay and Christian is Wesley Hill’s Washed and Waiting; he’s on Tumblr here.

Other stuff I write about a lot: the prison-industrial complex, figure skating, horror movies, addiction and recovery and other fun stuff you can do with alcohol, childhood, Washington DC (home sweet home!), class struggle, and saints. My best-of-the-year roundup posts are here and (for earlier years) here.

I also do speaking engagements, and I’m working on a book on vocations for gay Christians, for which I’m seeking an agent or publisher. You can also email me at ; I try to reply to everybody.

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