Monday Links: More Atonement! Plus Interrupting Violence, Texification of the Church in America, and More

Monday Links: More Atonement! Plus Interrupting Violence, Texification of the Church in America, and More August 26, 2013

Hey! Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Leah Libresco asks for stories of atonement and tells a Jewish fable (which I’ve heard attributed to St Philip Neri!–and more on that in a powerful short piece here).

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange on “The Art of Interrupting Deadly Youth Violence“: “‘One of the biggest challenges is overcoming the years and years and years of confirmation that nothing can change,’ Achisimach ‘Chis’ Yisrael, a former SOS Outreach Worker, said, seated behind the large conference table in the Mediation Center. ‘It’s a hell of a thing when you’ve got to go and step in front of individuals that were born, constantly reminded, with the belief that this is as good as it gets.'” I could quibble with this piece–it doesn’t acknowledge that violent crime has fallen almost everywhere in the US, and I think the “disease model” of violence has a ton of problems–but the focus on community solidarity, practical support, personal courage, and expanding people’s imaginations really spoke to me. And there are some really powerful quotes here.

Mirror of Justice: Michael Moreland speculates on the Texification of American Catholicism: “What will emerge is a Church different in important respects–more influenced by Latino Catholicism and Evangelical Protestantism and much less dependent on large Catholic institutions. The liturgical forms of American Catholicism will likely become more mega-church than Tridentine. The massive system of universities, hospitals, and parishes of Midwest and Northeast Catholicism will probably not be replicated in Texas.” Lots of meaty discussion in the comments as well.

Spiritual Friendship is just on fire! Tons of fascinating discussion. I especially liked Wesley Hill’s thoughts on the relationship between the Good News of Jesus Christ and celibacy as one response to that news; and, even more so, his follow-up on “Celibacy in Light of the Resurrection.” But really, there’s a ton of good stuff there.

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