Indiegogo Campaign for Film Festival on LGBT/Faith Issues

Indiegogo Campaign for Film Festival on LGBT/Faith Issues October 22, 2013

The Level Ground film festival is raising money for its second year, & I’ve signed on to support the project. The festival focuses on screening & discussing films which concern, in some way, the intersection of lgbt/queer/same-sex attracted life, and religious faith. I’ve suggested a couple movies for this year, although I can make no promises about the festival’s content. You’ll see from the Indiegogo site that many people involved with it are coming from a very different religious stance from my own. Nonetheless I’m happy to support it because I believe that the organizers are genuinely seeking to represent artistic and theological endeavors which reflect a wide range of beliefs. I think the festival will be more interesting, unusual, and provocative the more orthodox* Christians are represented, and I also just generally thought you guys would want to know that this festival is happening. Think about making a movie! “If you don’t like the news, make some yourself,” as we said in Riot Grrrl.

*Yeah, there isn’t a brief, neutral term w/which to describe anybody here. “My side” is not the best way to put this either, and yet you know what I mean, don’t you?

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