Prison Resources: From My Readers

Prison Resources: From My Readers June 18, 2014

In response to this question (and you can find a couple more links in that post). Keep ’em coming, y’all.

A large list of resources focusing on legal rights from Sara Mayeux. Some of these links may be outdated but there’s a portion of the list which is broken up by state, which I’m guessing will be really useful to many of you.

An American prison history reading list. Sara Mayeux (like other readers) also recommended The New Jim Crow, and linked to this critique for when you’ve read the book itself.

Kelley Cutler writes:

I’m an advocate on homelessness in San Francisco and a group we collaborate with that works more specifically on issues in our prison system is CURB.  The website is okay, but you will find more up to date info on their FB page.  The advocacy work is connected in many ways even though it tends to be on a state level, but that might be a good start even if the reader isn’t in CA.
Here are some good videos series on the subject…
US Prison Population: The Largest in the World
And Frontline has done a number of excellent pieces on it.
 Katherine Hickey notes that prison libraries often accept volunteers, and that your parish may have a book donation program which includes receiving requests from inmates.

And I want to plug Restorative Justice Online again. Spend some time there with the stories, and do a search for your own city or region to see what’s available.

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